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Willliam Joseph Exodus

O Exodus de William Joseph é melhor maneira combinar uma mochila com um colete de pesca. Uma excelente versatilidade de se poder usar 2 em 1 .


Os pods removíveis permitem o uso como mochila autônoma.
Dois retractores internos com fecho de correr.
Com imensos bolsos, com divisores dos compartimentos e com TCS (sistema de controle de Tippet).
Suspensórios Hypervent fornece uma excelente distribuição do peso e não retém a transpiração.
Compatível com um Camelpack (saco vendido separadamente).
Suporte duplo para dois tubos de canas.
Garantia vitalícia

Na nossa Loja

So maybe you are not leading millions of people to the promised land. However with this vest combo you would sure look cool doing it. The William Joseph Exodus is the best way possible to combine the storage and load carrying capabilities of a back pack with the organization possibilities of a vest. And when one or the other is not needed you can play home physicist and split the two with the click of a few buckles. You can now be self contained, organized, and oh so comfortable.


The weight distribution of a high-end backpack with fishing features of a chest pack or vest
Removable chest pods allow for use as a standalone backpack
The William Joseph Access Pack will dock to this backpack
Two built-in retractors and a zip down workstation
Loads of pockets, dividers and compartments to keep even the biggest gadget-junkie organized
New TCS (Tippet Control System), keeps you tippet organized and neatly tucked out of the way
Hypervent suspension provides excellent breath-ability and load distribution
Hydration compatible (bladder sold separately, the 100 oz fits best)
Dual rod holder and multiple lash features
Accessories shown with pack sold separately
Lifetime Warranty!


Fully adjustable for a "one-size-fits-most" pack

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