sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2007


Caixa articulada original com placa em MAGNÉTICO, muito compacta para prender e secar rápidamente as suas moscas . Abre fàcilmente com uma mão.Pode fixar-se ao colete com o sistema U-FAS.
Distruibuidores para Portugal e Espanha.

Na nossa Loja

Unique, very compact hinged box holds flies conveniently on chest for quick fly replacement and drying. The stylish, vented design opens easily with one hand, and forms a platform to quickly view/access flies. The closed holder prevents flies from becoming dislodged and lost or damaged. A unique U-FAS attachment enables the user to securely attach to any garment.The same unique features as our standard foam holder but with a magnetic plate that is designed to securely hold the smallest flies

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