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William Joseph Drynamic Wader

Os waders Dry-Namic da WILLIAM JOSEPH incorporam uma gama de conceitos que se transformarão certamente em padrões de indústria. Com os dois bolsos laterais com fechos à prova de água tendo também um fecho central para um fácil vestir .As emendas são vulcanizadas no interior como também no exterior dos waders. Para adicionar a esta lista, os pés e os joelhos deste wader são articulados. Pés anatómicos em Hypalon®. Os protectores de areia são unidos aos waders sem uma emenda. Os waders Dry-Namic da WILLIAM JOSEPH são feitos em Dupont Suplex, uma membrana breathable de cinco camadas em áreas de elevado desgaste, e de três camadas nas áreas que têm pouco desgaste.

William Joseph Drynamic Breathable Waders
So, if there are already too many wader companies in the marketplace, why would William Joseph start?
Because that is what William Joseph does. They challenge the status quo and see how they can improve their products over the the established hierarchy, like Simms and Orvis. Take a real close look at the design, style, and features of their new Drynamic waders. Then, take a look at their limited lifetime reliability warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Finally, notice the price. You'll see that William Joseph has just redefined the standard benchmark for all waders to have to try and meet.
Features of the Drynamic Waders:
Breathable waterproof tri-laminate fabric
Exterior layer is Supplex, cottony soft nylon that is shrink & fade resistant and faster drying
Exterior is Teflon coated to repel water and oils and to keep the waders looking new longer.
Redundant double seam soft-shell taping: taped on the inside and the outside on all stress areas providing twice the leak proof protection over the competition
Large waterproof zipper that extends the opening of the Drynamic waders to make them easier to put on and take off.
Knee and lower leg are covered with an additional layer of Supplex fabric for increased resistance to wear and tear in this critical region
Two stretchable front pockets with waterproof zippers for front storage
Large rear pocket with waterproof zipper for additional storage
Integrated elastic cuffed gravel guards with boot hook
Wader belt included
Dual draw strings for sealing the top of the waders
Neoprene bootie with articulated Hypalon sole: Hypalon is denser and much more resistant to compression and failure resulting in longer lasting waders
Patch kit included
Five step quality assurance process to ensure absolute dependability. Includes a pressure (inflation) test to ensure no leaks.
$50 satisfaction guarantee: If the wader leaks or just does not just work properly in the first year of ownership, William Joseph will replace them in two days and send you a check for $50.
From the second year to the LIFETIME of the Waders, William Joseph will repair or replace, at their discretion, any manufacturing defects in these waders (does not include failures due to normal wear and tear, misuse, or accidents

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